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Friday, 20 May 2011

Let the mud slinging begin...

I have been following the comments by the general public on the elections with much amusement and head shaking.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion however, let it be with dignity and intelligence.

There has been much said between ANC and DA supporters and with loads of passion.  One ANC supporter who goes by the name of Buddy C made the following comments on timeslive:

Fellow blacks are helping DA to make it succeed into taking us back to apartheid. This zille thing pretends by kissing blacks during elections and let them take government you will hear the best of 'K' word. But i know most white racists will help bring back black voter back to the ANC.

Like you did one day in MP, remove these corrupt officials in the ANC as Zuma is too soft for them. Remove that free state sh*t as she and her husband cost us votes. They were hearing the DA toilet story all the time but never bothered to make advantage of that instead they drag our party further down.

We are slowly but surely going back to aprtheid and is funny how blacks ignore this. They continuously voting someone claiming not to be racist yet she and her blue party keep shut in racial incidents. Unlike you did Julius, during Reitz 4 issue for example.


Buddy, here is a wake up call for you.  The DA has nothing to do with the ANC losing supporters.  That, my friend, can be squarely planted on the ANC's shoulders.  The fact that YOUR brothers and sisters are jumping the fence has everything to do with the fact that they are more educated than what you give them credit for.  I smiled at the fact that the only mention of the "K" word in all the posts on this site came from you - how sad that you yourself demean the African population by dredging this up.

The open toilet incident that you talk about is the only smear that you could muster up but you seem to forget (or simply saw fit not to mention) that the ANC is also guilty of this practice.

Your comment about Helen being "free state sh*t" smacks of hate speech, but I would like to thank you for making such a comment.  Let me explain why.  Your comment as well as your praise for Julius makes it clear to everyone reading your insane rantings that you and your kind are no better than the very people you accuse of enforcing the apartheid regim - you clearly belong in the same category. 

So, feel free to continue with your rantings and hate speech but the writing is on the wall whether you like it or not.  The scales are starting to fall from the people's eyes and they are beginning to see things a bit more clearly.  The ANC has been riding the apartheid issue for a little too long now  and what it boils down to is this:  Apartheid is not responsible for non delivery on promises - the ANC is.  Apartheid is not responsible for unemployment - the ANC is. Apartheid is not responsible nepotism - the ANC is. Apartheid is not responsible for crime sprialling out of control - the ANC is. Apartheid is not responsible for the ANC losing it's supporters - the ANC is. Apartheid is not responsible for the DA gaining voter confidence - the ANC is.  Apartheid is not responsible for the country crumbling - the ANC is.

So put that in your pipe along with whatever else you're on, and smoke it!

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