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Monday, 16 May 2011

Frustration is... dealing with creditor phone calls

Dear Mr Creditor,

As discussed with you on numerous occasions, I am currently unemployed and although I have been for the last 10 months, I have managed to pay you for six of those.  Unfortunately, after selling all my worldly goods to do so, the money has now dried up and I am living with a friend - also discussed on numerous occasions.  I would however, like to thank you for the sms’s every second day as well as the phone calls - one received at 9.30 pm on Easter Sunday evening. 

I can assure you that your motivation by these actions in helping me kick my sorry behind into finding a job is much appreciated.  Clearly I am not doing nearly enough by scanning jobmail, careers24, pnet, career jet, career junction, best jobs, job food, compu jobs, gumtree, e-merge, jobisjob, job life, just the job, job rapido, freelance and simply hired on a daily basis and submitting my CV at every possible opportunity.

If I have missed a website, please be sure to let me know as I am loathe to leave any stone unturned (along with around 1 million others in our country at the moment). I understand that you are just doing your job and do not have any ill feeling towards you.  I promise you that as soon as I do find employment I will quite happily pay off my debt but until that happens there is nothing more I can do. 

I did request that you start legal proceedings against me - begged you in fact - as this is what most of your e-mails and sms’s threaten but you declined (for whatever reasons you or your company may have).  I would dearly love to stand in front of a judge and be ordered to pay R50 a month as currently this is what I can afford as a goodwill payment - which you also declined.  So, until our next chat, take care - we could be jostling for the same job sooner than you think.

Kind regards

Unemployed and broke but still smiling and hopeful

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