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Monday, 13 June 2011

Back off buster! You are oh so married!

It's not often that I go out to socialise, perhaps once a month or so given the current financial situation, so when I do venture to the local pub I do so with the only intention of having a couple of drinks, more than a couple of dances and to have a right royal good time.  Our local pub (name witheld for good reason) is fantastic.  It's a pokey little sports club that is locked firmly in the 80's where the patrons range from their mid to late 30's to geezers that have been going there for so long that their bar chairs have been firmly moulded to their butts.  The prices are reasonable and the music is awesome - I would venture to say that it is probably the only pub that plays such music as the owner is a huge fan of 80's high energy and disco and I supply all his music.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

How to deal with scam artists

Just recently I have had an onslaught of scam e-mails.  Under normal circumstances I would simply mark the e-mail as spam and block it but I recently read an amusing artical on a blog ( where one of the posters said that he signed up scammers for free casket measurements, which got me thinking.

Now, before marking and blocking the scammers, I sign them up on a site called Free Stuff (  All you need to do this is the scammers e-mail address and name.  The e-mail address is pretty simple and as for the name - I use one of the bogus names in the scammers e-mail.

I think I may just have found a new (and extremely enjoyable) past time...