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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

To petition or not to petition?

There is a lot of attention being paid right now to Mr Bryce Lawrence and his lack of refereeing skills.  For those of you who have not yet heard of the Facebook petition to get him banned as a referee, feel free to click the link below, visit the site, join the petition and leave a comment or 10.  For those of you who have, well done!  I am going to assume that you have already joined.  For those of you who have boxed those of us who have joined into the category of "Sore Losers", I would simply like to give you some food for thought.

This is not about the Boks and the Kiwi's.  It's about a man who has been allowed to run amok and play judge, jury and executioner.  We South Africans have nothing against the Australian rugby team, we are simply furious that Lawrence has seemingly been allowed to do what he wants, when he pleases with no recourse.  The history books will tell you that this is not the first time an important match (regardless of who's been playing) has been lost due to his consistent inconsistencies.  At one point, it was South Africa who benefited from his non existent refereeing skills.

Bare in mind, regardless of which team or country you support, your team could be the next one to fall victim to his one man charade. So... whether you are a South African, Australian, New Zealander, Englishman, Irishman etc.,  you too, can vote in this petition.  In fact, if you have any sort of interest in the game, you are almost obliged to vote.  It is not limited to South Africans because of what has happened, but rather dedicated to the fans of the game so that we can once again sit and enjoy a hooligans game played by gentleman without having to worry about the ref.

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