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Monday, 3 October 2011

Incompetent Police Work Leads to my Son's Arrest

As a mother, how would you feel if you saw this on your son's BBM status? "At police station, stupid ******* detained me 4 car theft."  I felt instantly sick, my legs turned to jelly and I started shaking.  If I didn't have him on speed dial I'm quite sure I would still be trying to dial his number right now.  

Thankfully, he answered on the first ring and my immediate question to him was "Where are you?"  It turns out that he was safe and home.  His ordeal started when he was pulled over by the cops, accompanied by sirens and flashing lights.  When he got out the car he was staring down the barrel of two drawn revolvers and was being shouted at to hit the deck.  When he asked them what was going on, he was told that the vehicle he was driving had been reported stolen.  He said that it was impossible as it was a company vehicle and his boss was aware of the fact that he was in possession of it.  He was put into the police vehicle and driven to Umbilo Police Station whilst a cop followed in his van.  
When they got to the police station he told them that there was an obvious mistake and that they should check their computer.  On doing so it was found that it was actually a motor bike that had been reported stolen but the registration was the same as that of the van.  He managed to get them to phone his boss who verified his story.  He was then told that he was "lucky" nothing had happened to him and that it was up to him to remove the plates from the vehicle and to go and sort the problem out at Berea Police Station tomorrow.  They went so far as to say that if anything happened to him after the fact, they would not be responsible for it.

My blood is boiling.  How dare they!!! Do they even comprehend how lucky THEY are that nothing happened to him?  I intend to take this as far as I can because someone needs to be held accountable for this.  The outcome could have been very different, and then what? Another story about how they "thought" they saw a gun in his hand?

Over and above this is the trauma he suffered as he initially thought that he was being hijacked by bogus cops.  The scary thought is that it's his hard earned tax money that's paying these bumbling idiot's salaries!!!

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